Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day 297: Temporary fixes and other adventures

Behold, my quick and temporary pant fix, after the button on my favourite pair of jeans popped off, and I am currently unable to find my superglue or anything to fix it with.

It is fixed with some twine from Ikea, which I "helped myself to" while watching a friend's car in the loading dock. I had made a bracelet, but then my button kept breaking on my pants, so I had to give up and tie my pants shut. Embarrassing, because I had to subtly do it while in Chapters. Totally MacGyvered that business.

Later, I found a cool sketchbook. It is a book full of photographs of blank surfaces (walls, skies, planes, shoes, ground, et cetera) and it invites you to write and draw anywhere and everyone on it. It's thrilling, really. Here is the first one that I did.

I also found 'The Definitive Edition' of Anne Frank's diary. The Diary of Anne Frank is one of my favourite books, as it is so honest and true, and definitely one of the best accounts that we have of the Second World War, at least in terms of what it was like for the Jews in hiding. Anne just seems like an intelligent and heartfelt young woman, and it's always struck me as so fascinating to feel so connected to someone my age (at least, at the time of the first time that I read it) who went through those trials, was in that time, and everything that one encounters when reading the diary. Now, the Diary of Anne Frank that is commonly read is thoroughly edited, because, well, she was a teenage girl. She was discovering her sexuality, had strong opinions of what and whom she did and didn't like, and, well, everything that teenage girls encounter and have encountered in any time period, and in any walk of life. Naturally, these parts are removed because it was never really acceptable, given the times in which it was first published. However, the original diary, original 'literary' alterations made by Anne, and edits made by her father, still remain. The definitive edition is the combination of versions 'a' and 'b' (the original diary and Anne's alternations and re-writes and additional notes, respectively), which has all of the content that Anne wrote. Ultimately, the way it should be, because it gives the truest sense of Anne as a human, as well as a young girl, and as well as a record of hiding during the Second World War. The Diary of Anne Frank is an amazing thing to read... Though it's heartbreaking. I recommend that anyone (and everyone) read it. 

Last, but not least, in my day of making and creative thinking, we started building the last bits of furniture that we bought. We bought four sets of shelves, a couch, and the couch cover. 

Now we have places to put our big ol' reference and photography books, as well as my husband's huge collection of DVD's. Our home is coming together, and it's wonderful. We even watched a movie on "our" TV while assembling the furniture. (It's not really our TV, but our landlords didn't want to carry it upstairs, so they're letting us keep it while we rent. Which works for us!).

We also saw The World's End. Which was pretty awesome, and definitely worth watching. I mean, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost together again? Classic, and entertaining. 

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