Thursday, 29 August 2013

Day 298: Space Invaders

Today was a relatively laid back and incredibly lazy day. We got up at 8:30, had breakfast, and then finished assembling our furniture, including a new couch. Our couch is lovely, and it's so nice to have somewhere comfortable to sit. We did our recycling, made a late lunch, and then ended up napping on said couch for about half an hour. Just a bit of tiredness.

The later bit of the afternoon was even lazier, and I ended up playing Space Invaders for a bit. I got up to a little over 13,000 points at one point, which is pretty good. 

My main facial reaction to playing Space Invaders (those stupid Space Invaders... destroying my city!).

In other news, school starts again tomorrow. Fourth (and final) year, here I come! With a great deal of reluctance. I'm nervous because I have no idea what I want to do, at least not with certainty. Ultimately, I want to further Grimm Fabrications and establish it more, and learn more things to make my craftsmanship skills sharper and make my wares more interesting. However... I go to art school. Everything has to be concept based, and whenever I try to do something that I think is the path that I want to take... Not so good. My art is like a beach ball. It looks good and is relatively interesting, but it's empty and has nothing on the inside. (I accredit that simile to Vince Noir... and my approach to art to Andy Warhol).

This year should be interesting... but I'll be glad to be finished. I just want to make sell-able wares and do conventions and have a grand old time making and selling to eager and happy individuals. As far as art students who have stuck it out to the bitter end... I'm probably the worst. I don't even have anything to bring to the beginning of school. All I've been doing is drawing. Maybe drawing is all that I should do. It would probably be better that way.

But, once again, I'd have to deal with the pain in my neck that is conceptual art. Ugghhh... I just want to grab my BFA and run.

*frantically draws in sketchbook*

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