Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Day 23: In which I can offer something!

Pages from my sketchbook. Today, in between working on papers and wandering around school aimlessly (I was really restless today), I drew bulls. I also drew a couple of tigers, but for whatever reason, I was quite inclined to draw bulls. I also bought and experimented with gouache. It's kind of neat to work with, but I'm not sure that I have any idea what I'm doing. I foresee myself going a bit crazy with it and going all Ralph Steadman on the world (I will also use ink to achieve that). I'm not very good at drawing realistic looking things, so I am slowly attempting at training myself to get good at drawing. The interesting thing is, I find that my drawings look more like the subject when it is blind contour. Who knew that all those years of being bitter about having to do blind contour would eventually prove itself worthwhile? I mean, they still don't look exactly like the subject, but the proportions are more evident and overall it's more interesting to look at.

Now, just because, I'm going to share one of my favourite songs. This musician inspires me quite a bit, and I'm terribly excited because I'm seeing him live on December 3rd. Astronautalis, everyone! I can't describe how excited I became when I heard that he was coming to Calgary. I want to do drawings based off of this song. I wonder if someday when I'm more famous, if I could do an art book in collaboration with musicians. Hm... I'll have to ponder on this idea and consider how it would play out...

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