Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day 254: Rob Zombie

Have I been thinking about Rob Zombie and listening to his music too much lately? Hm... maybe...maybe not... Either way, I did Rob Zombie inspired make-up and took photographs in a way that remind me of his style. Mostly Dragula-era. 

I had a bit of fun with this, and I'm quite pleased how the make-up turned out, as simple as it is. I did a few versions and a few edits. I can't decide which is my favourite. I did the one above, plus one or two with colour...

Where the cut on the forehead looks a lot like a deep cut. Amazingly, it's just lipstick and liquid eyeliner. But, y'know. Photography editing... Even then, it did look pretty good in real life.

I also did a couple of versions where I completely removed the colour from my eyes. I was wearing white contact lenses, so removing the pupils was easy.


Without the pupils it strikes me as quite sinister. Kind of creepy. I'm still not sure which I like better. Both are a bit ominous and dark. Not terribly shocking, as I was going off of images like this:

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