Friday, 26 July 2013

Day 264: Graphic Histories Of Buildings

For the past few weeks, I have been tasked with creating a graphic history of two centennial buildings in Calgary. The two buildings are the Deane House and the Hunt House. I researched the buildings, and then spent a great deal of time drawing and inking and changing and re-doing illustrative pages that describe the history of the two buildings. Today they were put outside on the centennial home signs, and now they will be displayed to the public. I am quite pleased with them, and I would love to do be able to do more things like this.

Posting about something that I was getting paid to do might be cheating... but to be fair, when I started this I said that it had to be separate from school and Etsy. It's also not really in my job description to draw. It kind of just happened because I was asked to do instructions for something and I'm not a boring person, nor do I enjoy using word processors to make instructions or signs. And so, I was eventually asked to do this fun project of writing about the history of buildings using my drawing and hand-written typography skills.

Any ways, if you happen to be in Calgary in the next two weeks, be sure to check them out. You might be dazzled.

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