Sunday, 21 July 2013

Day 259: Lazy Sunday

I slept! I slept soundly from about 10 PM to 8:30 AM. Happy days! Still a bit tired from lack of sleep, but I feel way more rested and happy about life. I think that being outside in the fresh air and sun for about five hours made a big difference. 

After having such a good sleep, I surprised my fiancee by taking him to the Deane House for brunch. I was stealthy and refused to give any indication of where we were going, other than I asked him to dress nicely. We had a wonderful brunch, and I highly recommend the Deane House for eating out. It's really no more expensive than other restaurants in Calgary, but it has the wonderful ambiance of being in a house that was built in 1906, and offers the nice location of being next to the Elbow River. It was a great meal, and a nice getaway with my man. 

After brunch, we went to Ikea to buy a dresser (hooray! We have drawers now!) and a couple of small things. Then, in the evening, we went to see The Conjuring with a couple of my fiancee's friends. I must say- The Conjuring was a great horror movie. It is based off of Ed and Lorraine Warren's case files. The Warrens were paranormal investigators for about thirty years. Their methods were very good, as were their views on the paranormal and how to approach different situations. This film was based off of two of their case files. One is about a possessed doll named Annabelle, and the other is about the Perron family, who lived in Rhode Island. The film primarily follows the Perron family and the disturbances that occur in their home. I really enjoyed it, and it was definitely terrifying. It felt like a 1970s horror movie with more modern effects, which was really nice. Particularly since it does take place during the late 60s, early 70s. It was scary, suspenseful, beautifully made, and it was also a biography, so it had more depth than your usual horror flick. Very good, and I recommend it to horror lovers. Especially those who do enjoy classic 1970s horror movies and haunting or possession films.

So. After all this, what did I do today that was creative?

This is a terribly blurry photograph, so it doesn't do it justice, but...

I dressed as time and space! Or attempted.

As I told my fiancee to dress nicely, I donned a black dress, my Jeffrey Campbell Litas, and a cardigan. I also wore a pocket watch necklace and galaxy leggings. Thus, the pocket watch is time, and the leggings are space. Time & Space. I'm so clever!

More importantly, I was able to wear my Litas for the first time in ages. They are seriously the most comfortable shoes I own, and they make me as tall as my fiancee. They're just so nice to wear. Finally nice to get to wear them! And as part of time and space, no less. 

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