Saturday, 4 May 2013

Day 181: Chainmailling

Amidst the excitement of Free Comic Book Day, and a fair bit of character design for my own comics, I decided to try my hand at chainmail. Again. I'd attempted before, but it didn't really bode terribly well. However, this time around... Success! I made a decently sized piece, which is still going. I'm planning to make an anti-vampire neck piece. I'm thinking that making a really concise and well-researched vampire hunter steampunk-esque outfit/costume would be really cool. Also werewolf hunter maybe. All rolled into one. Van-Helsing like, but still remaining a finely dressed and somewhat aristocratic lady. Thus a high and sparkling piece of chainmail to protect one's precious neck from sharp fangs and a terrible immortal fate of bloodlust and sleeping during the day.

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