Monday, 13 May 2013

Day 190: The Great Gatsby... influenced

After seeing The Great Gatsby, both my fiancee and I are quite in love in the 1920s. We always were, but it definitely re-cemented  that adoration. We also liked the movie to the point that we are going to see it again, with a group of steampunks. Good news is, my fiancee has enough Scene points to get us in for free. Now, this might sound excessive, but the Steampunks encourage dressing up. We are going to dress in 1920s style clothing. Very elegant and rich. I found a dress and cheap costume jewellery at Wal-Mart (yes... *sigh*) for $30, and I found the perfect shoes at MCC Thrift Store for $2.50. I am going to add to and embellish the dress with burgundy-red fringe, and I'm going to make a head piece with lots of glass beads and pearls. It's also pretty great because we are going to get double use of our outfits within the same day. That evening, we are going to a large event, where there is a great deal of performance, side show, burlesque, and more, all in the theme of Halloween. We are going to monster ourselves up with make-up, and be something like undead 1920s folk. Vampires or reanimated or something. It should be fun. 

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