Sunday, 26 May 2013

Day 203: Wonderland Plans and miscellaneous short films

Today, other than staying in bed for several hours and sleeping in, I didn't do much except go to a friend's house for a meeting and partake in planning a Wonderland-themed event. Wonderful! I absolutely adore my steampunk friends, and a day with really good double bergamot tea (really quite very delicious) and fresh scones and dainties... it is a good day. Not to mention that it is made even better by flipping through lovely copies of Alice in Wonderland and then watching short films and overall just enjoying the company of fantastic and interesting people. We watched Backwater Gospel, an animated short film. Once again I was inspired by the imagery, and drew the above image. 

Really, though, the Alice in Wonderland  planning and discussion was far more of a creative event than drawing. Not to mention that it was just a wonderful change of pace for a Sunday afternoon. 

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