Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 189: Wedding Plans and Horror Dreams

Today was a fine old day of buying things for our wedding, and then going to see The Great Gatsby (amazing! Expect 1920s themed things tomorrow). We were kind of lazy and meandering, so neither of us got a lot done, and we ended up wasting time at my house, and watching Hemlock Grove. Still, we did manage to go to Ikea and Michaels, but I didn't really have time to do anything overly creative.

However, I did have a weird dream that I drew images from.

To explain, I have weird dreams. Particularly my nightmares. My nightmares are no longer particularly scary to me. They are instead draw out, impossible to escape, and just exhausting more than anything. They usually involve me (or whatever character I am within the dream) running away from something, trying to escape, and trying to hide. It is always a fruitless endeavour, and if I wake up but don't leave my bed, I will immediately return to the dream as soon as I fall asleep again. The drawings above are from my dream last night. As soon as I woke up (well, actually woke up), I drew out a couple of notable images that I could clearly recall. The drawing to the left is of an abomination made by some kind of mad doctor-evil organization type thing. It something that was sewn from two people, made up of sewing sections from the two people. Somehow, these two sewn together bodies (which did not have limbs) conceived a child-thing. Which is the form connected by an umbilical cord. Weird, yes. This created... thing... is the reason "I" was being chased. As I was being chased, it was as if there were portals everywhere, so I would quickly move from one place to another that had absolutely no business being connected to the other. The two figures on the right side are two creature things affiliated with the people trying to capture me. They had white, featureless masks, with nothing but red lips and black gaping eye holes. No eyes. The masks were more like geisha masks than anything, except that the hair was wild and hairy, like some kind of African witch doctor mask. They approached me, closing in on me, while I was in this huge and very rich looking dining room. The dream went on with things like this. My dreams are always frustrating because I can always escape a space, but only for a certain amount of time.

Any ways, after having this dream and drawing what was in them, I figure that I should talk to a video game developer and try to make horror-based video games based off of my nightmares. Particularly those where it is like a first person shooter meets puzzle game. 

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