Monday, 1 April 2013

Day 148: DIY T-shirt

For a while, I've been wanting to get mens' and unisex band t-shirts and alter them to make them into grunge kind of punk shirts. Kind of... Today I got two cool shirts on sale from HMV, for $20 (pretty good for two new shirts). One is a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt, which I cut the sleeves and neck off of, and cut the bottom into fringes. Having fringes seemed fitting, as it is Tim Burton. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (and I'm wearing it now!). The other shirt is a Led Zeppelin shirt, with Icarus on it. I've been wanting a shirt with this design on it, because I enjoy Led Zeppelin, and I enjoy the design. For the Led Zeppelin shirt, I just cut off the sleeves and the neck, as it fits me quite nicely as a loose shirt (mens' small! Yeah!). 

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