Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Day 171: No rest for the wicked

Behold! A terrible photograph, taken in a dark kitchen, with flash, of the only thing I made today that wasn't Comic Expo related! Delicious, delicious, cupcakes. The recipe only makes two cupcakes. I didn't consume a dozen cupcakes or anything. The one that I did eat was tasty. Chocolate cupcake, with hemp seeds, pecans, and raspberries inside. Plus, just a bit of icing on top. I used a fancy piping attachment, but the icing had been in the fridge, so it was quite stiff. Thus, it was difficult to make pretty.

Now... to bed. Tomorrow is a long day. And then... a ridiculously full weekend of being at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! I really don't know what I'll be able to post about. Unless I make an exception to the rule and post about business-based things. Then again, it is the Expo... and I will be wearing cool costumes that can be revealed at last... Any ways, you get the point. I'm busy. And now I need sleep. 

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