Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Day 149: Arctic Fox

A friend of mine convinced me to create a fursona, so that I could be a part of an art piece she's commissioning (well, has credit for). She is a Furry, so she creates personalities and alter-egos that are animals. I've always been fascinated with the subculture, and so many of the people are really interesting. They get a lot of flack, but that is mostly because of a misconception (if you have that misconception, watch Fanboy Confessional, specifically the episode about furries). Any ways, a 'fursona', is the persona you create around an animal. That fursona has specific colouring, a personality, special markings, and so on. I don't consider myself a furry, but I adore a lot of what goes into it (and like any kind of subculture, I can appreciate the work and craft that goes into it). I sketched a bunch of drawings, and it was fairly easy because I already knew roughly what I wanted to do. When I used to (and sometimes still do for Comic Expo) wear ears and a tail, I almost always choose a White or Arctic fox, with black tips on ears, and a black tip on the tail. I riffed off of that, as I connect strongly with the symbolism and personality traits attached to foxes (both Red and Arctic). It's still a work in progress, but the good news is, it's really straight-forward and simple. White, with black markings on ears, tail, and below chin, and small grey streaks on either side of nose, with amber eyes. I'm always interested in creating alter egos. As far as personalities go, my favourite is my Steampunk character/alter ego, Autem Mortimer. It's just fun to play around. 

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