Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day 170: Nicht Nein

I don't have anything. I drew a little bit, but nothing that seems worth posting about. My day was just so busy. I was helping my fiancee move, and before that I had a jury critique. That was daunting, and made me realize that I don't want to make the art that I thought I want to make. I'd really rather just draw and write and make comics and research myself into historical oblivion. Le sigh. 

So... I don't have anything to post. Not to mention that I'm exhausted. I'm not even going to set an alarm for tomorrow. I'm just going to sleep until I feel rested. Then I will wake up, make art, and tidy my room. It's such a cluttered nightmare, and it makes me want to set fire to my possessions, just so that my room will be cleaner. Uggghhh. My organizational skills are slight, at best. 

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