Thursday, 18 April 2013

Day 165: Little black frames

Today I successfully drove in the city. I would have taken transit, but Google Maps wasn't giving me the transit information for how to get to a location, so I was left with the choice of driving or walking. Walking would have taken about an hour, and that seemed ridiculous. Also, it seemed like a good opportunity to practice city driving. I was happy with myself in the fact that I successfully drove on Glenmore Trail. I got a little bit lost on the way home (I missed an off ramp), but fortunately it was an area that I'm familiar with, so I was able to utilize some mean navigational skills. 

While driving, I was able to go to Michaels. It was mostly an opportunity to wander around a craft store and try to get ideas for my upcoming wedding. Not to mention the fact that I just enjoy walking around craft stores. It's like how I enjoy wasting time in dollar stores. And hardware stores. And places where nothing has a particular purpose, but could be manipulated. I like stores where there's a vast variety, and I can wander around and get ideas and look at things that I would love to have but don't need. I did buy a couple of things. I bought a spool of thread (I need to make the time to go to a fabric store), and two small oval frames. The frames were a nice find, especially since they're ornate in shape. However, they were hot pink and bright orange. Not favourable to me. So, I painted them black! I am quite pleased, and now I have two lovely frames. The "glass" (errather, protective layer?) is just plastic, but I can deal with that.

In other news, I also painted little men in suits with mustaches. You can see a small glimpse in the above photograph.

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