Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 175: Glorious Comic Expo... Final Day

Oh, the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. It was such a great weekend! I made a bit of profit, and met some lovely people, along with talking to some old friends and Facebook stalkers (who are actually friends). I saw some lovely art, made some trades (kind of by accident, but that's why I always keep prints on hand... Just in case). 

Now, I'll just go through my final day in greater detail.

I started my day by waiting in line for about an hour and a half, waiting to see Norman Reedus. He is one of my favourite actors, and he just seems so interesting and lovely. The wait was well worth it. Norman Reedus (of Walking Dead, and Boondock Saints fame) was what I would define as heart-meltingly charismatic. He was just so lovely. I brought one of my old tintypes to have him write or draw on. I like really different things, which is why I got Astronautalis to write down the word that was one of his tattoos (I can't recall it at the moment). Here's how it went. Norman Reedus seems to call every young lady 'baby' (not in a lewd or rude way, but in a really loving type way), and so he called me that. He gave me a hug, and when I gave him the tintype with the request that he write something interesting on it, he was quire interested in what it was, and when I told him, he put down his hand and we held hands for a moment and he called me a sweetheart. Then he wasn't sure what to write, because I gave him full license. He said 'How about I sign it, and then I decorate him?' (the photograph is of a man). That sounded great, so he did. The result is this:

Norman Reedus, a man worth of swooning, made my 19th century man into a Cat-Man. With ears. And whiskers. I swooned. Then he gave me another hug. Seriously. Heart-meltingly charismatic. And once again, I stood out from the crowd. I didn't say anything about the photo op with him, but even then he was so charismatic. Just... gah. Gloriousness. *swoon*

In other news (as I continue to fan-girl it up over my interaction with Norman Reedus), I did quite well at my booth. Maybe not as well as last year, but still quite good. I am particularly happy because I got two commissions. I only charged $5, because my drawings take about 5 minutes (10 if I'm really meticulous), and I wanted practice, and to let people know of Knicker Misadventures. For the first drawing, I was given full artistic license. I forgot to photograph it, but I drew a moustached man wearing a fez and holding a rabbit, with several other details. Another commissioner saw a little doodle of Cthulhu that I drew, and asked if I had one by itself (it was a small one on a page of two other small portrait-style drawings). The result was this:


I'm practically a real artist now! Kind of. I need to work more. I'm definitely going to practice drawing like crazy over the summer, and maybe get to the point where I can do versions of pop culture icons and characters and such, and people will give me lots of the money. Also, if I can get better at things like water colour. Or even try to begin with. I'd like to make money off of my art. And I like doing it convention-style. Take that, galleries.

Finally, I made it my goal to have a photo taken with a fursuiter. I'm completely enthralled with fursuiters, mostly because I can appreciate the work that goes into it. I would like to make things like fursuits, but I half-heartedly tried, and it didn't really work. That's what happens when you attempt things half-heartedly, kids! Any ways, this fursuit was so lovely. 

This year was so tiring, but it was so great. I'm actually really excited for next year. What will I do...! It was just such a good convention. The friends you make at conventions who are also vendors are like a weird type of extended family. Such lovely people, and so many cool, amazing, things!

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