Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day 230: During a flood

This is so bizarre and surreal. As mentioned, Calgary is in a state of emergency, due to major flooding. It continues to be in that state. However, if you are nowhere near a flood zone, life continues as normal. It has been sunny, and dry, just a little bit of mud and a splash of water here and there. And yet, the knowledge of disaster is there. 

Because of the lack of ability to post pictures about things I make, it is making blogging inconvenient. Now, I feel odd in saying the word 'inconvenient' when people and businesses are losing a great deal of their livelihood. It's so odd how much your own life can go on when the reality is far worse just miles down the road. My life is made slightly different, in the fact that I'm in a different house (by just a weird series of events that led to me staying at my fiancee's and becoming stranded... but it worked out because at least I'm not going to have any kind of separation anxiety or feel a weird type of cabin fever), and I can't actually do anything creative (other than draw or cook). We made an amazing breakfast this morning, and we went for a long walk. We played Mortal Kombat, watched movies, and played with his roommate's cat. We are still able to drive to businesses in the North of Calgary, and do practically whatever we want. Life is just... different. I might not be able to return to work until mid next week. My fiancee's training is postponed. All the while, we check the news to see what roads are open and what the situation is. Photos and videos of meter deep water gushing through streets allows us to have some sort of idea of what's going on, and yet there is a tremendous disconnect. Even though it's just a few kilometers away, it may as well be on the other side of the world, for how much we are truly aware of. We haven't been to any flood zones (mostly because 1) it's not really an intelligent choice and 2) there are emergency personnel trying to do their jobs and right the city again... and they do not need tourists stumbling around the city, trying to catch a glimpse of watery destruction). It's so close, and yet so far away. I constantly wonder if it's even really happening. Of course it is... but it's just so distant.

Though I have not been personally affected (other than my workplace being flooded- though apparently the building is okay. Just the parking lot is flooded), I would like to commemorate the city of Calgary for responding so quickly. The way that the situation has been handled is admirable, and truly shows what an upstanding city we live in. With help from the United States and from Edmonton, the city was able to evacuate families and individuals, get dangerous areas clear, and relocate everyone to safe locations. It feels like the city will be right again in no time. The community has really pulled together, and it makes one feel proud to be part of this city, especially in the time of disaster. I hope that anyone who has been affected by the flood will have their lives righted again. I hope that families and friends will be reunited soon, and that life will return as normal in Calgary. The damage will be visible for some time, but our city has proven that they can pull through anything. 

And thus, even though I can't do my blog as normal... I'm thankful to be with my fiancee, and that everyone I know is safe.

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