Sunday, 30 June 2013

Day 238: Science Centre


Today we went to the Telus Spark Science Centre. It was good fun, with lots of interactive activities and different science. Lots of creativity!

One of the exhibits was How To Make A Monster, and there were a few stations set up. One of them was drawing a monster. I drew a unicorn with a Rob Zombie-esque head.

There was a table with a infrared camera. We made pawprints of heat on the table. That was neat!

Finally, we drew our own constellations. Naturally, I made a cosmic fox. 

The museum is pretty neat. A lot of stimuli, which is cool, but when one is ready for a nap... Still fun, though! Also very interesting. There was an exhibit on prosthetic limbs and facial prosthesis, which was really interesting. We also listened to a talk about a company which is making decorative covers for prosthetic legs. The covers they made are beautiful, and the idea is wonderful. All in all, a good day!

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