Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 235: Dead City Radio

Okay, watch out. I am actually and genuinely pleased with something that I drew. Now, that might sound odd, because of the number of times that I post about drawings. The reality is, I tend to be only okay with the drawings that I do. Mostly because I don't put that much work into them. I'm even less pleased when I draw from reference. However... A rarity! Today, I am pleased with something that I drew. 

Today on my other blog I posted about my male influences, particularly those who influence how I dress or want to dress. Going along with that, this drawing is actually what got me writing the other post. I was listening to Rob Zombie, and decided to draw... 


This drawing is based off a still from Dead City Radio, one of Rob Zombie's newer music videos. I absolutely adore the song, and the music video captures my attention altogether. I also really love how Rob Zombie dresses in the video. I want to dress like that. However, I can't do that right now, so I decided to draw him instead. Here is the still:

One hand is too small, but I actually don't mind. The style in which I drew it pleases me, and makes me think of Ralph Steadman. Maybe listening to old interviews and recordings of Hunter S. Thompson influenced me? 

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