Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Day 121: I AM PIN

I did it! I finally did it! I made a Pinhead pincushion! I've had it in the back of my mind for ages (mostly because the idea amuses me to no end... it's just so fitting!). The head is fairly large (because, c'mon. You can't put pins anywhere except the head. It's PINhead). He's also in this weirdly sassy scholar pose or something. That was accidental, but as a pincushion, it makes me giggle and is quite fitting. 


For those you unfamiliar, Pinhead is the lead Cenobite from the horror franchise Hellraiser. Cenobites are demons who are attached to this puzzle box. If you're curious and not too squeamish, go ahead and watch them. Especially the first two. The first two are the best (1980s, whaddup). I also like the third one, mostly because it's so peculiar (though not perfectly canon with the first two. Or it is, and I can't remember a couple key details). So yeeah! I'm quite pleased. Even if I don't end up using it as a practical pincushion (lo behold,  it's not really practical).

(Side note: "I am pin" is a sewing pun of "I am pain", one of Pinhead's most famous quotes from the films).

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