Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Day 122: I forgot!

Okay, this is backwards. The Pinhead pincushion is what I made today (March 6th 2013), but I did make something yesterday. Apparently I straight up forgot to blog about it, even though I posted it to Facebook and it's the entire reason I ended up staying up later than I intended.

Hellraiser embroidery!

This is a Pinhead quote that I found randomly. I liked it, because it also went along with my sentiments towards annoying people who say stupid things and won't go away. I made this yesterday (March 5th 2013) but forgot.

Now, having seen yesterday's post and today's post... you may or may not be wondering 'What's with all of the Pinhead stuff?' Well, first off, I like Pinhead. He's probably my favourite horror franchise icon who is recognizable as something important, even if you've never seen the films (like Jason and maybe Leatherface and the Jigsaw puppet from Saw... at least, if you're already fairly conscious of horror movies). Secondly, I finally got around to reading a Hellraiser graphic novel that my friend gave me for Christmas. This made me go on a bit of  Hellraiser kick, which apparently came through the form of crafty crafts. I do  not have a problem with that.

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