Saturday, 30 March 2013

Day 145: Cheap Bed

I had the best intentions of doing some drawing, after showering. However, in the process of looking for my pencil case, I looked under my bed and saw... Horror. Now, I've noticed for a bit that my bed has been sagging on one side. Today, however, I saw that one of the legs is completely folded in, and there's the mysterious bump in the upholstery (why is the underneath support of a futon even upholstered to begin with??). So... okay. I tried to fix it, but it won't move without making horrible crk-crk-crk sounds. Lifting it up a bit, I also noticed that the far leg on the same side as the broken leg... That one is also starting to bend. Now, I'm no furniture expert, but I'm pretty sure that a bed should be able to support 110 (or less) lbs for about eight months without legs breaking. Or am I just morbidly obese? (Ha-jokes. If anything, I'm underweight and mostly muscle. But we can talk about my weight at another time. Right now I'm just rambling because I'm still freaking out). 

By this point, I had folded the futon up into a couch position to get a better look. I eventually gave up  on fixing the leg, but then when I tried to put it back down... Guess what it won't do? And guess who is going to have a miserable time sleeping tonight? If I go to sleep at all... I'm seriously upset. This whole bed/futon disaster thing happened after once again dealing with the broken drawer on my dresser (actually- it's not broken. But the furniture is cheap to the point that the drawer is actually 2 millimetres or so off, and therefore won't sit in the tracks properly. FYI- I wasn't the one to buy the furniture). I'm overall really miserable now. I had a pretty good day, but now it's 1:30 AM, I've been crying for about two hours, and I had to call my fiancee in misery. Now he's going to come over tomorrow morning to see if he can fix it, and if he can't... GREAT. My room mate is currently away, and I'm already losing a few days of work this weekend because she asked if she could have the place to herself for two nights because her girlfriend is coming over, so being a nice person, I'm crashing at a friend's house... But GAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGHHHHHHH. I'm already dealing on and off with stress and trying to manage things to the best of my advantage, but living with a room mate is slowly driving me insane, and things like dealing with shit furniture just kind of pushes me over the edge. Sure, I could sleep on the couch in the living room- but I don't like sleeping with a fat smelly gross cat who isn't mine (and for some reason, can't get it through her head that she's not allowed in a room. TODAY SHE WAS ON MY BED BECAUSE I LEFT THE DOOR OPEN. Sorry for the capital letters, but I'm really upset. Also... tiredness on top of a stress like wondering if I will ever sleep comfortably again before I move in with my soon-to-be-husband in August on top of everything else). I'm not even sure if my room mate will offer a suggestion or offer to get a new bed when I tell her that this one's legs are broken. I mean, that is what my damage deposit is supposed to go towards, right? 

Oh dear God... I'm so upset. The only slight comfort I have right  now is my mice (whom I love, but they're not quite as understanding as something like a parent or a fiancee or a dog). I'm exhausted, but I really don't want to sleep in any of the options I have. I definitely don't want to strip my bed so that I can comfortably sleep on the couch or the hideaway bed or even my floor. Why have Easter weekends tested my sanity over the past year? I don't want to live here any more. I really can't live in the same location for more than 8 months without going insane. It's like cabin fever. I feel like it will be different when I move in with my fiancee after our wedding, because the space will be more our space, and the rules will be our rules. There also won't be garbage sitting around for weeks. My summer... I'm worried about it. I'm really excited for my job, but continuing to live in this apartment might end me. Especially with this bed thing. Blarg... I need a hug. And an actual bed. Futons are the devil.

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