Thursday, 7 March 2013

Day 123: Merry Unbirthday!

Just a little bit of context first...

Merry Unbirthday! To who? To me! To you! 

Now, this isn't what inspired today. This was an afterthought. Apparently the combination of yours truly plus baking red velvet cupcakes plus decorating madness... It all adds up to equal an unbirthday celebration! I guess today was the unbirthday that had to be celebrated!

So here we have it. Red velvet cupcakes, with pink swirly frosting (sadly store bought... It was actually cheaper for what I needed. I added food colouring, though. It hilariously looks like tooth paste), marshmallows, and melted chocolate for designs and letters. In a row, they spell out 'unbirthday', though it's hard to tell when they're all gathered up on a plate. 

Now, just to end off... Please enjoy this Alice in Wonderland remix by POGO! It's ambient and rhythmic. I've always been quite fond of it. 

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