Saturday, 30 March 2013

Day 146: Not the feel-good movie of the year

The drawing to the left is vaguely inspired by this movie called The Divide. It is an apocalyptic movie, centred around and focused on this group of people in a fallout shelter, and the horrors that occur in the shelter. Good apocalyptic movie, but dear Lord... It was weird. So many messed up parts. Somebody said that it could be a prequel to The Road, and it's not that far off. Definitely not the feel good movie of the year, though it did validate some of my beliefs regarding apocalypse preparation and survival.

1. Don't get scurvy. By 'don't get scurvy', I basically mean this as a concise way of saying keep up with your nutrients, and don't start rotting. I now have every intention of putting multi-vitamins and multi-mineral supplements in my bug-out bag. 
2. Have a team you can trust. Inevitably, you'll have to team up with strangers. Still, not a bad idea to have an ultimate team that you can at least have on call and contact. Or something. Ha, saying that in context of an apocalypse is silly. Still, have a team. Even if it's one or two people whom you know are solid, and won't end up being messed up monsters.
3. Find a way to realistically ration , and stick to the ration system. You will run out. The end of the world is not the time for grandiose feasts and decadence.

I think that if you like weird messed up movies themed around the apocalypse, this is probably the movie for you. For me, this movie was too close in feel to The Road, so I kept thinking about how watching The Road was like watching my own nightmares. Not pleasant. Any ways, that's why I drew the weird image. 

I feel sad and like I need to shower. What a dismal movie. Maybe I'll watch an episode of Adventure Time.

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