Sunday, 24 March 2013

Day 140: Sketchy Collaging

Today I ascertained that eight harness looms hate me, and that I don't want to weave for school any more. Every project I've done has been a disaster, and now I'll have a late project (as well as potentially being just as sad). On the bright side of my miserable day, my fine fiancee and I were able to go and scrounge around a flea market, and then have refreshing beverages on this most beautiful of sunny days. Also on the bright side, I was able to collage my sketchbook. I find that I like decorating my sketchbooks for no other reason than if I decorate them, I can distinguish the front of the book from the back of the book. I chose images that I'd photocopied from two books a while ago. One is an image from a book on children's illustrators. I can't recall who the artist is, but they drew this curious image of an 18th century navy officers being shot, and all of the blood forms whimsical shapes. The swirly curlicue shape is from an old book full of banner designs for artists to use. I'd like to get my hands on some of those books. They sell them at Mona Lisa in Calgary, and they seem like great references. Especially for me and my enjoyment of incorporating various historical designs into my comics.

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