Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Day 143: Rubies like blood

Finally! I got my hands on some red glitter. Putting glue down and then pouring glue on worked much, much better, and it was much faster. I do leave a trail of bits of glitter wherever I walk, but no matter. I took the above photograph because it amused me in the fact that it looked like blood (only sparkling). But that might just be my morbidity talking.

For those of you not keeping score, I was in the process of making ruby slippers for a Steampunk Dorothy costume (from Wizard of Oz). It was a bit of a moral battle decided whether my costume should adhere more closely to the book or the movie (as I'm such a big fan of both). In the book, the shoes are actually silver, which I like, but I ended up going with ruby because as one of my friends put it- they are more iconic. Now I just have to sew the gingham part of the costume, and get my hands on some form of goggles or glasses that have emerald green lenses (goggle would be best, but I need some form of emerald lenses to go along with one of my favourite parts of the book).

And now, without further ado... The be-glitzed and bedazzled Ruby Slippers!

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