Thursday, 21 March 2013

Day 137: Pasta!

I made delicious and extravagant pasta! Well... not extravagant. But I put more work into than I normally do. I took this recipe for chicken pasta with lemon cream sauce and altered it significantly because I didn't have a lot of the ingredients. I ended up just making a white sauce and adding lemon to make it a lemon white sauce. It was actually the best cream sauce I've ever made. I didn't add the peas that the recipe asked for, but I did make asparagus. The whole thing was delicious! 

In other news, I carried one of my mice (Whiskey) around my room today. It's weird because she seems to be a little bit skittish when she's out, but as soon as I put her back in the cage, she climbs onto their loft and pokes her nose through the bars. She then has a bit of a wistful look about her. What a wonderful creature.

Also, one of my other mice (Winchester) climbed into my hand a little bit. On two occasions. As far as my mice go, I have almost 66% of their trust. Not too bad! And Whiskey will climb down my arm now. I want to train them to do magical and intelligent things. I know that they're capable. They are brilliantly clever creatures.

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