Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day 125: Oh my ears and whiskers

"Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!"

Still working on my White Rabbit inspired Steampunk costume. It's so close to being finished, and I'm so happy! I spent a great deal of the day working on my bustle, and it's coming along pretty well. It has a puff ball of fox fur to mimic a rabbit tail (eee!) and one layer of the bustle has coat tails (of course a White Rabbit inspired anything would need coat tails). I have also finished my thigh-high boot-cover spat things (I need to iron them, but no big deal) and mimic-garters. Now I just need to complete my accessories, particularly a head piece of some kind that will mimic rabbit ears in some way, and add a link of chain to the top part of the bustle to have some charms and details on (including a small coin purse that I bought from Value Village for $3). 

Any ways... The brooch! I decided that I needed something that absolutely related to the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. I decided that having a quote from the White Rabbit himself would be fitting. However, 'I'm late!' emblazoned on anything would raise many questions and create awkward situations. So... I found this quote! It is definitely rabbit-ish, but without the obviousness (and awkwardness). I also like it because it's just so lagomorphish and rodentish. I'm quite pleased with this brooch. I didn't use resin on the cameo like I normally would, but instead I experimented with white school glue. The result? Pretty good if you ask me. It's textured, light, and really smooth. Getting it more or less even before it dried was difficult, but worth it! I'm going to remember this for the next cameos I make. I might even make more brooches. I like how it looks, even with the mixed brass looks. 


  1. If you want something like glue that evens out a little easier, try an acrylic gel medium. Golden has lots of varieties from matt to finish, ans liquid to gel.

  2. Ooooh I'll have to try that! From what I understand gel medium is good to have any ways, what with all the transfers you can do. Thank you!